1. 3 cheers to being WASTED


  2. Whelp…looks like I’m drunk…..TUMBLR TIME

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    Forever reblog

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    Best part ever . Lmao

    the face at the end

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  10. What’s that Microsoft? You have to pay fees to play used games AND to play YOUR game you already bought on your friend’s system?

    PS4 it is. Thanks for making the decision easier for me! :)


  11. No one man should be so damn SOUR

  12. The people in charge at my job…..

  13. negroangersmankind:

    Where is this from?

    Draya (2nd from left) and her fleet of supermodels she apparently roams the streets with

  14. The FIRST haters.

  15. Currently on tv….such an awesome movie. In my all time fav list for sure